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Netflix had a goal to reinforce their position as industry innovators, and communicate that they put viewers in control of how they enjoy their entertainment.



We tapped into the insight that Netflix fans are so committed to their favorite shows, they end up dealing with all kinds of funny “first-world” problems – such as losing their spot in their show when they watch themselves to sleep.


We released DIY instructions for Netflix socks on the Make It website, and announced the launch through a partnership with Make Magazine. The socks use an accelerometer to detect when a viewer has dozed off, sending a signal to their TV and automatically pausing the show. The socks themselves could be customized with show-inspired patterns making them interesting for the knitting and programming savvy. Even those outside the maker community fell in love with the idea. Netflix socks spread like wildfire across social media and press outlets.


900M media impressions, 271M social media impressions, 310K website visits. Embraced by tech outlets (,, as well as lifestyle press (,,, and national news (,, Good Morning America). International press included outlets from the U.K., Hong Kong, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, and Australia.


"Netflix socks are real... and actually kind of ingenious...Instead of throwing bags of money at a corny TV commercial, Netflix decided to get creative for the holidays." 

"Father Christmas wants you to finally commit to binge watching “Narcos.” But before you do, Netflix came up with a clever craft to show they have their subscriber’s back — by making something high-tech for their feet." 

"These Netflix Socks will change your life.”

"Netflix socks (for real, y'all) might be the most game-changing, glorious invention of all." 

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