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Lyft Autotunes / Creative Direction

2019 Comm Arts, Best Interactive

Google Poster Maker / Concept Development

2019 Comm Arts, Best Interactive

Lyft Strange Mode / Creative Direction

2017 Addy, Guerrilla Marketing

Netflix Halloween Doorbell / Creative Direction

2017 Addy, Cinematography 

Netflix Socks / Art Direction

2016 Cannes shortlist 

2016 One Show, Innovation

2016 AdAge campaign of the year

Google Photos Pay with a Photo / Art Direction

2016 Ex Awards, Guerrilla/Street Marketing

Zagat Tiny Cafe / Art Direction 

2017 Addy Award, Best in Show 

2017 Addy, Best Event

2017 Shorty Award, Location-Based Experience

Google Pumpkin Patch / Art Direction

2016 Obie Awards, Multi-Format Campaign 

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